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How much does an Abortion Cost?

I don't want my mom to find out about my stepdad's baby in me!!!How much does an Abortion Cost?I hope this is a joke. If not that is just sick.How much does an Abortion Cost?$300-$500+.How much does an Abortion Cost?lmaoHow much does an Abortion Cost?WTF? seriously, get a life. %26amp; stop hoaring around letting your moms boyfriend F*K you. If its by force, then say something B*TCH..How much does an Abortion Cost?I sincerely hope this is a joke.

why would you kill an innocent baby just because you are a slut !

you're sick and twisted in the head. urgh.How much does an Abortion Cost?troll! thx for the 2 ptsHow much does an Abortion Cost?A few hundred dollars.

Tack on the fact that you're taking an innocent life, risking your own life, and lying in the process... it become quite a bit more expensive, not monetarily, but emotionally.

If this is for real (Which I'm really doubting), then you need to talk to the police about your stepdad.

If this is not, then stop trolling. This isn't funny.How much does an Abortion Cost?How old are you? and where do you live? In the United Kingdom, a price is not payed for an abortion. They give them free of charge under certain circumstances such as rape, a gcse student, or if the baby was going to have something wrong with it, or the mother was, for instance, they had a disability or something. Oh and, you really shouldn't sleep with you're step dad. Its pretty wrong. You should tell you're mum what has happened. She will not blame you. It'll be him she blames.How much does an Abortion Cost?you need to talk to some1 about this..!!! especially if your being forced to have sex with him..!!!!!How much does an Abortion Cost?It cost you the rest of your life!

I highly doubt this is for real but that's my opinion!How much does an Abortion Cost?Abortion is, put quite simply, the killing of an innocent human life who can do nothing to defend him or herself. In addition, the killing of the child is carried out on the orders of his or her parents – the very people who are supposed to defend their children.

Of course, to put abortion in such simple, black and white terms can be shocking to some – and many pro-abortion activists would disagree, saying that a child is not human or nor a person or does not possess rights, or some other such argument.

However, the truth of abortion is easy to see – especially when photographs or videos of actual abortions are watched. We have some of these available on this website. Such materials are shocking and may cause discomfort to watch. Those who wish to see them should click here.

The Economic Cost of Abortion

(In order to better understand this section, the viewer may wish to consult the sources for our statistics and the table used to calculate the final figure [PDF Version] [Microsoft Excel .XLS Version].)

The economic cost of abortion is something which is difficult to assess. There are many choices for the economist to make – should it be measured as a lowering of gross domestic product? Taxation revenue? Average wage? A specific and limited damage to specific industries (such as toys, diapers, child medical care etc. etc.) pertaining to childhood? For various reasons, we have chosen to concentrate on gross domestic product (GDP).

GDP is one of the best indicators of economic activity for a nation as a whole. It does not describe economic movement totally and there are issues with using it, but it remains one of simplest and easiest figures to understand. In addition, figures for GDP are readily available and the term is often used in lay-economics and the popular media.

For information about GDP, see this Wikipedia article. As this is a %26quot;live%26quot; article, a snapshot taken in May 2008 has been provided on this website (MHT HTML archive).

We began by obtaining the figures for the total numbers of surgical abortions carried out in the United States since 1973 to 2007 (the last year when figures were available). We then assumed (based on simple logic and population distribution) that half of those aborted babies would be female and that – at age 25 – each would have an average of a single child (based on CDC figures).

Combining these calculations allowed us to generate a running total of “missing persons” from the USA. This total was presented for each year from 1973 to 2007 inclusive.

It was then a simple matter to calculate how much these “missing persons” would have contributed to the GDP of the USA by taking the GDP per capita of the USA for each year and multiplying it by the number of “missing persons” so far. Note that the figure is not the persons who were “made missing” (i.e. aborted or not born in) in that year, but rather the total number of missing persons since 1973. These individuals would ALL have been contributing to the GDP of the nation.

A simple sum of the figures of lost GDP from 1973 to 2007 inclusive resulted in a total figure for lost GDP due to surgical abortion between 1973 and 2007. Then, a simple multiplication allowed us to convert year 2000 US$ (which were the GDP figures we had) into year 2007 US$ in order to give an accurate figure. The final total is shown on the spreadsheet – it is somewhere in the region of $37 trillion.

Q : Is it reasonable to assume that all aborted babies would have lived for the full 34 years covered by your calculations?

It is not – although we have done so in order to streamline the math. Based on CDC statistics, roughly 98% of persons born in 1973 (live births) are still alive today (2007 – the last year for which figures are available). It would be reasonable to reduce the final figure by 2% because of this.

However, our figures do not take into account the fact that non-surgical abortions (including deliberate abortions carried out by such things as “the morning-after pill”) are also abortions and are not included in the total. These figures would, if included, raise our calculations significantly. However, no hard data are available for these abortions. Accordingly, we have streamlined the math in a number of ways.How much does an Abortion Cost?2ptsHow much does an Abortion Cost?… PLEASE call one of these numbers if this isn't a scam...How much does an Abortion Cost?Hey, if you're stepdad is doing that that is wrong. Very wrong of him. In fact, your mom should know about it. So should the police, a teacher or other parent you trust and a child abuse hotline (At least one of those people should be able to help stop this abusive situation from continuing).

This is from the childhelp website below:

%26quot;CALL 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) then push 1 to talk to a hotline counselor. The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hotline counselors work with translators who speak 140 languages to help people who call and speak something other than English. All calls are anonymous. (The hotline counselors don't know who you are and you don't have to tell them.)%26quot;

I don't recommend abortion because it takes a human life, but you absolutely have to get out of the situation you are in. Call someone.

How to evaluate my business idea?

I am planning to launch a social networking site.The business model is to sell online advertising spaces.I have a business plan ready and am considering seeking angel investment money.

The problem is that I can't decide on the following questions:

1) How much money should I ask? My start up cost is around $150K

2) How much equity do I offer?

3) What are the chances of me getting the fund? If not, what strategies should I use?

Let say I want to ask for $ 500K for 40% equity ownership of the business. Should I:

Option A

Ask for $500K for 40% of the business up front? or

Option B

Ask for $300K for 40% with an option that I may ask for more money in the future?

I am pretty aware that it's not a cake getting angel investments - but I truly believe that the idea has growth potential.

I am looking for serious answers. Preferably answers from entrepreneurs who had similar experience.How to evaluate my business idea?You will be never given any investment if you have not started yet and the amount of money you asking is not realistic. Also you do not have other website with the HUGE of traffic which can transfer to the new site. Planning is good but it'll be not what you think. You have to spend a lot of money for advertise your site and it's look like 50/50 gambling if you do not know how to be the top rank in search engine. What is it? Try to google %26quot;aarp games online%26quot; then you will see my site which age 2 weeks in the 1st page of results. This is SEO competition!

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How can i raise money for a disabled man?

We are trying to find out how to help a friend of ours to purchase a special bike,

he has lost the use of his legs and he was a very active man.

We are looking to help raise the 4000 it would cost to buy him a hand bike, so any ideas would be gratefully received.

many thanks

carlHow can i raise money for a disabled man?Car Wash... Selling Candy... Stand on the road with buckets hoping passerbys will donate

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